Athlete of The Month – April 2013

Athlete of The Month – April 2013

Athlete of The Month – April 2013

Name: Cesar Hernandez

Started Crossfit: June 2012

Favorite WOD: Deck of Death

Least favorite WOD: ?

Favorite lift: Power Cleans

Least favorite lift: Front Squat

Story: I’ve been coming to Mission Crossfit for 10 months now. I weighed 340lbs when I first came in. I had always been a big guy with feet problems because of my weight. I had tried different work out programs but never one that suited me. When I first came in to the box I was extremely nervous but determined to make a change in my life. The few weeks of crossfit were hell but I started loving it. I’m so proud of the accomplishments that I have made. I wasn’t able to do one pull up without bands and now I do 3 pull ups no band. I can run faster and longer distances, lift heavier than I have ever lifted and have greater endurance. I try hard to eat clean and healthy. Which is very difficult since I’m a chef. I am proud to say that I now 258lbs and hope to drop even more after the Paleo Challege! I’m gonna strive to be a better athlete this year and I would like to thank all my fellow athletes and coaches for all of your support and encouragement. Thank you Mission Crossfit for changing my life!



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