Athlete of The Month – September 2013

Athlete of The Month – September 2013

Athlete of The Month – September 2013

Name: Wallace Schmuck

Started CrossFit: August 2012

Favorite WOD: Ones with kettle bells and wall balls

Least Favorite WOD: Anything with burpees or anything with meters in the description

Favorite Lift: Dead lift or Back squat

Least Favorite Lift: Overhead squat or Thruster

My crossfit journey started on a whim. I had a few friends that were doing it and suggested that I try it. I can still remember my first elements class with Ed, I could not do most of the movements and I thought I was going to die. My whole body was sore and I could barely walk for days after. It was clear to me then how much work was ahead of me. The only exercise I had done for the past 8 years was pitching BP and hitting infield for my son’s and daughter’s baseball and softball teams. I am embarrassed to say that I could not even do 1 pull up when I started, even with a band.
Over the first few months I became more familiar with crossfit and started to see some progress but then I suffered my first injury while playing dodge ball during one of the workouts. This sidelined me through the holidays, and I found myself back at square one when I returned. I was even more determined to succeed at the goals I had set for myself. With the help and encouragement of all the great coaches and athletes at MCF I have stuck with it and have achieved some of my goals. I have a long, long way to go to get where I want to be, but I know with the support I get at MCF my goals are within my reach.
The people and support system at MCF are what make it so special. They make everyone feel welcome and you are not judged by what you can or can’t do. I am honored to be selected as the MCF athlete of the month. I am clearly not the strongest or the fittest at MCF, but I will make a promise to each of you that I will continue to put in the hard work that I know it will take to achieve my goals and to make my family and myself proud of my accomplishments.

Thanks again for all the support.



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