August 2013 Athlete of the Month – Jorge Montiel

August 2013 Athlete of the Month – Jorge Montiel

August 2013 Athlete of the Month – Jorge Montiel

This month we chose Jorge Montiel as our Athlete of the Month!  Jorge has a great story as you’ll see below and he’s really seen huge improvements in both his strength and conditioning as a result of his dedication.  He’s a regular at the noon class and has even taken Coach Ed’s Barbell Prep Course.  He’s often the first person in class and the last to leave because he’s working on his lifting or other skills around the gym.  We’re very proud of his gains so far and we look forward to helping Jorge establish and reach many, many more goals!

Athlete of The Month – August 2013

Name: Jorge Montiel

Started CrossFit: February 2012

Favorite WOD: Cindy. Wall-Ball Shots & Rowing are also fun.

Least Favorite WOD: Thrusters are always a drag…

Favorite Lift: The Snatch

Least Favorite Lift:  The Snatch


My middle school PE teacher would get a kick out of hearing that I’m doing CrossFit.  Back then I couldn’t do a single push up or run halfway around a soccer field without panting and wheezing.  The poor guy didn’t know what to do with me.

Five years ago my wife, Suzanne, decided to run a half-marathon for the first time.  She did it six months later.  I was very impressed and proud of her, but also little embarrassed that I still couldn’t run. I willed myself into running and two years later I was training for my own half-marathon.  A couple of weeks before the race I hurt my ankle on a long run and I was out.

Later on Suzanne started CrossFit, which sounded way too weird. I chose swimming laps and spinning classes instead.  She would come home raving about her workouts, though.  She was doing pull-ups, box jumps, Olympic lifts, double-unders!  I was crawling across the pool…

I don’t remember my first WOD back in February 2012, but I do remember thinking that I was done with my old gym.  I came to Mission CrossFit in part because my competitiveness was sparked, but I’ve stayed because of the coaches and the class environment they foster. From the Basic Elements to the Barbell Sport Prep class and during every WOD in between, Coaches Amy, Ed and Nick have taken the time to teach, correct and encourage me.  And I’m actually getting better at this while having fun!

I just hope Suzanne doesn’t take up skydiving next.



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  1. Congratulations to our great son-in-law. Perhaps now that I am no longer responsible for the care of small children (Suzanne and her brother) I should put skydiving back on my to do list. Funny that Jorge should mention that. Soaring was a calm substitute. Really, I wouldn’t recommend jumping until their boys are gainfully employed and on their own. But then I’m just the mother/mother-in-law. Ann

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