July 2016 Athlete of The Month – Lindsey Wagner

July 2016 Athlete of The Month – Lindsey Wagner

July 2016 Athlete of The Month – Lindsey Wagner

Congratulations to Lindsey Wagner for being selected as July’s Athlete of the Month!  Lindsey started CrossFit right around the same time she began Law School and instantly fell in love.  Her workouts became an outlet during school and kept her mind clear and focused.  She continued CrossFitting through her pregnancy and continues to have the same drive she had at the beginning.  When her family moved to San Antonio, she searched out a box, found Mission and we welcomed her with open arms.  She has been a staple member in our 8:30am and 9:30am classes with outstanding energy while supporting her fellow classmates. For those reasons and many more, she is certainly deserving of the title “Athlete of the Month.”

Name: Lindsey Wagner

Started CrossFit: October 2012

Favorite WOD: Grace

Least Favorite WOD: 15.5 / anything with running

Favorite Lift: Back Squat

Least Favorite Lift: Deadlifts (but only because they don’t like me)

Story: I got hooked on CrossFit when my husband came home raving about how awesome it was after he had started going to a small box near our home in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was right around the time I started law school and for some crazy reason I decided I needed to give it a shot too. I had played sports in high school and was on the women’s rowing team at Gonzaga (as the coxswain, since apparently 5’1″ girls don’t make the best rowers but are great at being a coach in the boat ha!), but was never very good at consistently working out on my own. So, I was seriously surprised at how much I instantly loved CrossFit and especially how much it pushed me physically and mentally. I know now that a huge part of that is the community aspect of CrossFit, I’ve met so many wonderful people and made so many friends through it. CrossFit without a doubt saved my sanity and gave me an outlet during law school, while pregnant, as a new mom, and even now still does.

When we moved to San Antonio last year the first thing I did was start looking for a new box. Mission was the first box I visited and I knew pretty much right away I’d found my new CrossFit home. Everyone was so inviting and accepting of me bringing my crazy toddler daughter and her “cheering” us on from her pack-n-play. The gym itself, coaches, and programming can’t be beat. Mission was one of the first places that made me feel like Texas was really home and for that I’ll be forever grateful.



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