June 2016 Athlete of The Month – Lawrence Tsang

June 2016 Athlete of The Month – Lawrence Tsang

June 2016 Athlete of The Month – Lawrence Tsang

Congratulations to Lawrence Tsang for being selected as June’s Athlete of the Month! Lawrence joined Mission in 2014 and has been frequent attendee of almost every class on our schedule.  For those reasons and many more, he is certainly deserving of the title “Athlete of the Month.”

Name: Lawrence Tsang

Started CrossFit: 2012? Maybe 2011? You guys have my record…

Favorite WOD: EMOM-Anything. There’s something I love that is challenging and everyone performs the movement at the same time. When the plates all hit the ground at the same time, it’s a beautiful sound… like synchronized swimming.

Least Favorite WOD: Fran. Not a fan of thrusters…

Favorite Lift: Squat clean… deadlift is a very close second.                       

Least Favorite Lift: Overhead Squats. It’s a love-hate thing. Mobility, strength, and stability… for me it takes a lot of concentration to nail all of that at the same time, but it’s a challenge I continue to work on.

Story: I’ve heard all the rumors, the naysayers, and the negative “press,” but CrossFit changed me. I was living a pretty erratic and unhealthy lifestyle. To some, it can be a perceived as a little over the top for the slow pace of Texas. With a crazy job and long hours, a colleague suggested I try CrossFit. First session was free and went with another fellow colleague… we also heard CrossFit girls are really hot. I walked into a tiny “gym” beside a pizza joint off Broadway and didn’t know what to think. I wasn’t sure what the WOD was but it involved 100 pull ups, maybe it was Angie. I’ve never had so many bands on me, didn’t know what a kip was, I was swaying all over the place, and walked out completely defeated. I was told to come back despite the soreness. It took a week and doses of Advils before I decided to go back and sign up. It wasn’t necessarily that I enjoyed the challenge, but it was the coaches and fellow athletes that made me stay. MCFSA instilled a sense of discipline in me, forces me to get out of the office and relieve some stress, and allowed me to eat better. It’s a great community, one that I wish I was more involved in despite a busy job that requires a lot of traveling. Everyday I’m in San Antonio, I fight the 281 traffic from downtown, pass at least a half dozen CrossFit gyms, just to come to Mission CrossFit… because they’re the best! I am in the best shape that I’ve ever been (more improvement needed), I’m eating healthier, and look forward to the WODs no matter how challenging! Oh, did I mention I like long walks on the Riverwalk?



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