May 2014 Athlete of the Month: Evita Martinez

May 2014 Athlete of the Month: Evita Martinez

May 2014 Athlete of the Month: Evita Martinez

We’ve selected Evita Martinez as our May 2014 Athlete of the Month!  She has most recently rejoined normal CrossFit classes, but loves Powerlifting and was nominated by Coach Jeff as a standout athlete from his Strength Crew program.  Her work ethic in recent months has paid off tremendously and has been rewarded by many PR’s including 2 this weekend at Travis Mash’s Learn 2 Lift Seminar in the Deadlift and Bench.  Congrats Evita and keep up the good work!
Athlete of The Month – May 2014

NameEvita Martinez

Started CrossFit: January 2011

Favorite WOD: Bear Complex or Fight Gone Bad

Least Favorite WOD: Anything with DUs

Favorite Lift: Back squat or Deadlift

Least Favorite Lift: Snatch

I was introduced to Crossfit by my cousin Justin Rodriguez but was hesitant to give it a try but I sucked it up and started looking for a box close to where I live.  I found a coupon on Living Social and showed up to a class.  It just so happened that the WOD that day was “Fran” (of all workouts).  I got my butt kicked!  But even though I could not do a pull up or barely breathe and I could feel soreness, I was hooked.  I signed up right then.  After some time as I gained strength and endurance I started to outgrow the box I was at and went looking to find more,  I talked to my cousin Justin and he told me he had moved to Mission Crossfit SA and that I should give one of the classes a try.  I showed up to a weekend class and loved it!  In the year that I have been part of the Mission family, I have gained more knowledge and understanding of the greatest sport there is.  Also in that time I have found a new love, POWERLIFTING!!  I requested to work one on one with one of the coaches and was matched up with Jeff.  He brought up Strength Crew and I decided to give it a try.  Now my new focus is Powerlifting and using Crossfit as a way to gain more strength.  In the time I have worked with Jeff, I have gained a whole new love for lifting and lifting HEAVY! Not only do I have a family in Mission but I have a close knit family in Strength Crew.  I’m looking forward to the future of Mission Strength Crew and kicking butt in Powerlifting!!  🙂


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