May 2015 Athlete of the Month – Butch Hulse

May 2015 Athlete of the Month – Butch Hulse

May 2015 Athlete of the Month – Butch Hulse

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This month, we have selected Butch Hulse as our May 2015  Athlete of the Month.  In the past few months, Butch has put some serious work and effort into his training.  Recently, he has joined Coach Junior’s 4:30 pm Strength Crew to gain strength and work on his powerlifting movements.  He’s already starting to see some great gains!  But even before joining the Strength Crew, Butch was often the first person in the gym in the afternoons ready to work on his skills such as double unders and other gymnastics movements.

It also worth mentioning that he’s always got a smile on his face and is always chipper and encouraging when he steps foot in the gym.  He’s definitely deserving of this Athlete of the Month award and we look forward to seeing Butch continue to gain strength and reach his fitness goals!  Congrats Butch!

Name William “Butch” Hulse

Started Crossfit : August 2014
Favorite WOD : All of the Wednesday Endurance WODs, particularly those with pull ups. 
Least Favorite WOD : Most WODs with Front Squats (not a bog fan of Wall Ball Shots either)
Favorite Lift : Power Clean and Clean and Jerk
Least Favorite Lift : Front Squats (I still struggle mightily with the front rack)
Story : My story is not really all that unique. Like many of the folks I have met at Mission, I had grown bored with bouncing around a chain gym (alone) and mixing in a run here and there.  As a result,  despite regular “exercise”, I really wasn’t in the shape I wanted to be. My wife finally talked me in to trying cross fit last August, and I really had a good time with it from the first work out. The workouts are varied and keep you on your toes, but more importantly – at least for me – every coach is truly terrific.  They are all always positive and instructive, and they provide just the right amount of pushing.  Also, the other members of Mission really make a difference in the experience as they too provide great support and a sense of community.  I have made many friends and look forward to class every day (as long as the workout doesn’t involve front squats).

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