October 2014 Athlete of the Month – Franchesca Palafox

October 2014 Athlete of the Month – Franchesca Palafox

October 2014 Athlete of the Month – Franchesca Palafox

Congratulations to Franchesca Palafox, our October Athlete of the Month!  Franchesca has been one of our most dedicated members over the past several months.  She rarely misses a training session and often gets extra work in before or after her class.  She recently competed in her first competition, Duality, alongside Alberto Arechiga and together they performed great for their first attempt at competing.  We certainly look forward to seeing Franchesca continue to make progress and improve as an athlete.  There’s no doubt she’s got the work ethic and talent to be a fantastic competitor!

Name: Franchesca Palafox

Started CrossFit: January 2013

Favorite WOD: Cindy

Least Favorite WOD: Anything with snatches and rowing

Favorite Lift: Power Clean/Squat Clean

Least Favorite Lift: Snatches!!

Story: Growing up I have always been active and volleyball/track were my sports. I played volleyball on an intramural team at Texas State and was on a team in Austin. I wanted to explore and try something different, something on a whole other level and during my college years that’s when a very good friend of mine introduced me to CrossFit. I started working out with him for about 6 months in Austin before moving to San Antonio. When I moved here I was dying to find a box and one at a reasonable price. My cousin’s friend told me he worked out on M/W/TH at a place called Mission CrossFit and that it would work perfect with my work schedule. I joined in January 2013 under Coach Junior and fell in love right away knowing this was the place for me.

When I moved to SA I really didn’t know anyone and once I started at Mission I immediately felt at home and welcomed. All the coaches and other members were very helpful and welcoming. What keeps me motivated, is knowing that we do something different everyday which keeps me on my toes. I like how there is strength, skill, mobility and endurance combined. I have made so many great friends, have worked under great coaches and have seen myself improve since I’ve started here. I recently competed in my first CrossFit competition “Duality” and fell in love. I was able to push myself more than I thought was possible and I owe it all to the great Coaching staff, the other members/friends and my Duality partner. It’s been a blessing working out here at Mission and I look forward to see where the journey here leads me.



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