“So, what next?”

“So, what next?”

“So, what next?”

Post-Nutrition Challenge Reflection and Suggestions 
The Nutrition Reboot was a great success!  Everyone who completed the Reboot had results of varying degrees but results are results and therefore, something to celebrate!  I am sure you already had your post-challenge celebratory cheat meal (or a few of them) and that is great!  I am all for the carrot at the end of the stick being a cheat meal BUT hopefully, the results you see and feel are the real reward.
Many of you have told me that you are going to go another 6 weeks, continuing the program to try to hit that goal you had in mind.  For that I applaud you and am so proud!  Nothing is more motivating for me as your coach than to see you all be successful and continue that path on your own.
However, some of you have asked me what the next step is.  Hopefully, you learned a lot about food during the challenge and think about it differently now.  My goal was for each of you to realize that eating clean is not difficult and the benefits are well worth it.  That being said, the next step will be different for each of you based on your initial goals, whether or not they were met and your level of commitment to changing your nutrition habits.  Some questions you might want to ask yourself are:
  1. What was my goal and was it realistic?
  2. Did I accomplish my goal?  Why or why not?
  3. Do I want to stay here or continue to seek more changes in my nutrition habits and my body?
  4. What is/was my level of commitment?
Setting realistic goals is important.  I am all for long term goals but if you set the bar too high for a 6 week period, you might have been disappointed.  Not to worry, you still made progress and can continue to do so.  Lofty goals require long term commitments with short term “mile markers” to keep you on track and motivated.  No matter where you are now, set a goal that you know you can accomplish, commit to reaching it and celebrate when you do (with something that won’t undo your progress).  Then get right on to the next goal.  This can be pounds on the scale or a jeans size, whatever motivates you!
If you did accomplish your goal you probably already know whether you are happy here or you want to continue to progress.  These can be one and the same as nutrition is a lifelong journey with hills and valleys, just like anything else.  My ability to commit to a strict meal plan relies heavily on my level of stress and also on my schedule.  I do better when I am busy because I am a boredom eater.  
If you are happy where you are now, you will probably be able to get away with sticking to your program about 80%.  It is unfortunate how easy it is to undo 6 weeks of commitment to a program.  Be careful not to go overboard.  Continue with what you know works and do what you need to do to not go crazy!  There are times where you just need to have a burger!  And you should, but have a side salad with it instead of fries or just do a lettuce wrap burger.  If dessert is your weakness find a healthy alternative to what you crave and have it a couple times a week.  There is a healthier version of almost anything on Pinterest.  If you have a bad day or even a bad week with nutrition, just shake it off and get back on your program, you know what to do!
If you are in for the long haul and still seeing changes, it’s time to set a new goal to tackle.  If the program worked for you and you are continuing to see results following it, stick with it.  If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!  Continue following your program and doing what has been working. 
For those who feel like you have hit a plateau, please know that this is normal.  Our bodies will adapt to the stresses and demands that we place on them both in the gym and with nutrition.  This is why we must push harder, lift heavier and sometimes change it up to continue to see results.  This is why CrossFit is so effective!  Nutrition is the same.   Time to change it up and shock your body a little.  I decided to do a couple weeks of Paleo after the challenge just to change it up.  I’m worrying less about portions and just focusing on eating Paleo foods.  I even play around with carb cycling every now and then, just to drive my husband crazy!  Eliminate grains for a few weeks or cut out the nuts and nut butters.  Experiment a little, but stay within the parameters of clean eating.
Your level of commitment to any program has a huge impact on your results.  If you feel that the program did not work for you, figure out why.  Was it the program or your level of commitment?  Generally, clean eating principles work for most people but the way it is presented and carried out can make or break it for some.  I am a recipe gal.  Tell me what to eat and I will do it.  I don’t need you to hold my hand, I can self motivate and self control.  For some, it’s not that simple and that is okay!  You may just need a more personalized experience so I would encourage to seek that out.
For those of you who are just bored with clean eating, check out Pinterest.  There is a wealth of clean recipes for you to try out.  I have a few recipes pinned under Healthy Meals, Healthy Snacks and Veggies.  I would encourage you to try some new recipes out if you are struggling with food boredom.  Just remember to eat for fuel most of the time and for pleasure some of the time.

Once again, my goal was for you all to find a new clean eating lifestyle that you can follow long term.  It’s not just about recipes and meal plans, it’s about putting good things in your body that will make it a more efficient machine.  Remember, if God made it, eat it!  If man had a hand in making it, it’s probably not that good for you.  I want to encourage each of you to own your health.  Take charge of your life.  Don’t be a slave to bad habits and addictions.  Be victorious over your struggles.  The results are well worth it.

– Coach Rebekah


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