Top Tips For Staying Lean Over The Holidays

Top Tips For Staying Lean Over The Holidays

Top Tips For Staying Lean Over The Holidays


Most of us expect to gain a few unsightly pounds of adipose over the holidays. Tis the season, right? While I am all for indulging in your Auntie’s pumpkin pie or Abuela’s tamales, it doesn’t HAVE to mean weight gain. You can be smart about it and maintain all of your hard work throughout the year, maybe even lose a little!  Here are my  top 4 tips for staying lean over the holidays.

Tip #1: Plan for your cheats: If you know you are going to a holiday gathering where temptation will arise, be extra careful with carbs and fats throughout the day. Stick to lean proteins and greens leading up to your event. Your body will thank you instead of punish you when you finally give it some carbs!

Tip #2: Practice some self control while still indulging a little: Have a taste of each of your favorites instead of an entire serving.  Remind yourself that you don’t need the entire box of grandma’s cookies.

Tip #3: Time your cheats to occur within a couple hours of a workout: This will make your body more likely to use those extra Kcals as fuel instead of unsightly storage. This isn’t always feasible but a quick run or set of sprints before you jump in the shower to get ready for that party will do a lot of good!

Tip #4: Manage the damage with extra cardio: This is probably my favorite and the most obvious tip! More caloric expenditure = less weight gain…GENIUS! But don’t just do steady state cardio, this can lead to more fat storage as your body will adapt to the stresses and demands you put on it. Mix it up with some interval to keep your body guessing and slow down that principle of adaptation. Fasted cardio after a cheat night will help burn off those extra calories as well.

That being said, I wrote this as I was doing my own damage control on my Airdyne! #Productivity #Committed

While sticking to a clean diet is always best, it is possible to enjoy the holidays without seeing their effects on your body. All it takes is proper timing and some portion and damage control. Be smart about your cheats and pay attention to your body. Hiding in baggy sweaters all season will leave you regretting your choices in the spring. Happy Holidays and enjoy your friends, family and food!

– Coach Rebekah

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